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Canada Topographic Map c. 1959 - Digital Download

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Vintage Canada Topographic Map. c. 1959. We've restored this vintage map and add modern shaded relief for a 3D-like Visual Perspective.

Digital downloads are provided in the maximum resolution our maps are rendered in. 300dpi at 28"x40" unless otherwise noted. Any reproduction of the map to a larger size will inherit some resolution loss as the size increases and is understood by the customer before purchasing the download.

Digital downloads are for personal reproduction only and may not be redistributed nor reproduced for sale or sharing.

This is a flat 2D print with very realistic shading that appears as though it is 3D.

Note that the main theme to our relief maps is the hillshading affect and in certain shaded areas on the map the process can make some of the original text illegible. Additionally, since we offer prints in sizes smaller than the original scale, this can make some text on the map illegible. That being said, the maps are stunning and intended for visual pleasure and not for geographic use.

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